Brymen Technology Corporation was found in 1993 by a group of entrepreneurs in Taiwan. With years of experience in the instrumentation business, the Brymen team focuses primarily on high-end test & measurement instruments for long-lasting service in a cost-effective manner. All of the Brymen products use custom-design cores and circuitries to achieve innovative functions and features. The goal is to achieve continuous advancement on products to fulfill customers’ requirements. Brymen products are thus sophisticated and extremely difficult for competitors to copy making them virtually exclusive to Brymen.



The Brymen team has solid electrical engineering background and expertise in product safety. Brymen also works directly with famous test labs like UL, ETL, CSA, and SGS, etc. to ensure the interpretations and enforcement of safety regulations are verified. Brymen has multimeter products first listed by UL up to CAT-III 1kV back in the year 1994 and up to the highest CAT-IV 1kV in the year 2003. They are pioneers and milestones in the multimeter industry. Check out the test lab symbols on Brymen products. The listings can easily be verified via the database of the respective test labs.



Building superb quality high-end meters involves not only good product design but also the use of high-quality components as well as the industrial level manufacturing process. Besides using close-case calibration design principles, Brymen products use excellent electro-plated PCBs and components for superb reliability as that can easily affect the ultimate functioning of the meter. Brymen also puts a lot of efforts in soldering workmanship as well as PCA cleanliness. Getting rid of hard-to-notice cold-soldering as well as achieving long-term high-impedance PCA conditions are the keys to long-term product reliability.



Brymen is a product designer, a manufacturer, and an exporter. Brymen does not have any branch offices around the world to provide direct international after-sales service. Brymen, however, hopes every Brymen user can be technically taken care of and hence Brymen does not tend to sell directly to end-users. Instead, Brymen works closely with qualified importers by providing technical and component supports so that they can extend sufficient service for the products they sell in their sales territories. Brymen also offers different labeling co-operation in certain countries for better languages, local regulations, and recycling supports. Different territories may have different service-cost structures and thus the retail prices vary on a fair-trade basis. Brymen recommends your product purchase should go through the local importer channels, if available, to get the best support extended from our selected partner in your area.



Brymen has a lot of happy users over the decades and is expecting a lot more to come. Brymen hopes you are or can be one of them. Brymen will keep providing high-end reliable product solutions to serve the industry cost-effectively. Brymen would like to be The Bright People’s Choice, your choice!